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A survey conducted by the Department of Justice stated that 75% of large Churches do not have a Security Team Plan.

A Security Plan is a written documentation outlining the duties and responsibilities of the Security Team Members.

Security Team Members are required and expected to monitor, patrol and respond to various locations of the church campus before, during and after services and events. In doing so, the purpose and intent is to stop potential threats and acts of violence at the lowest levels. Security Team Members whose actions are consistent with the law and the provisions of their security plan will be strongly supported by the local church they are protecting in any subsequent review of their conduct regarding the use of force.

Security Team Members primary goal is to provide and maintain a safe environment for the Pastor(s), staff, guest, visitors and congregation.

The Security Plan outlines how Security Team Members are to perform their duties when they encounter:

  • Lost child

  • Violent, belligerent and hostile individual(s)

  • Suspicious vehicles

  • Suspicious person(s)

  • Suspicious packages

  • Protesters

  • Assaults

  • Domestic disturbances

  • Demented person(s)

  • Homeless people

  • Pan handlers

  • Special Guest

  • Church functions

  • Special events

  • Safety issues

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